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May 2004 Puppies
In May we had two litters born 4 days apart. Talk about FUN!! From left to right is Sassi, Dora, Freyr, Pandra, Skessa, Lukka, Reykja, Njola. Brynja is hiding in the back.
Sand Creek Reykja Kutur
Just moments old!
Lavandels Benedikt and Sand Creek Dora
Benni will hopefully sire our next litters of ISD puppies. Provided he passes preliminary OFA testing. Benni is three months old in this photo. Dora is nearly 5 months old.
Lavandels Benedikt
Benni at 3 months.
Nor'Star Cilia
Vinland Hildur Hli­n
We are very excited to have Hildur join our family!